About Us

Morada Real Estate does not want simply to be a shop widow. Our aim is to serve your needs whether you want to invest in a property, want to sell, rent or find the home of your dreams

Our job is to accompany you throughout the purchase process. Morada Real Estate knows that purchasing a property for many is an important decision, so we’re going to devote the necessary time to understand exactly what you are looking for and do our best to find it.

Once we find you the perfect property, our work does not end there. We also carefully check the legal and administrative status of the property to ensure the legal implications of the transaction. We provide professional advice as to how best to finance the property if needed. And finally, we take care of managing all these cumbersome procedures involved in buying a new home.

Morada Real Estate promise that within our service and due to our experience we will make the whole process easy and secure. We like to say that we do not abandon our customers on the door step once the sale is completed. We want to make sure that the only concern is filling the fridge and enjoying the experience. Your satisfaction is our guarantee for the future.

We work with investors who have placed their trust in us to invest their money as we seek properties with guaranteed returns. Our relationship does not end with the purchase or sale of properties, many of them continue to rely on us to manage their investments. Morada Real Estate can say that many of our customers are now our friends.